What is MasterPeace live®?

MasterPeace live® is the only complete salon management software solution based on the best practices of Empowered Guidance®.  Our mission is to provide you the tool to Master a more successful business, and the peace of mind that comes through eliminating the stress of operating a busy salon. MasterPeace live® is web-based, so you can access and run your salon software from anywhere, anytime on all of your connected devices.  Even better, you don’t need to manage computers in your salon anymore.  Whether you own a chain of salons or are an independent stylist renting a booth, we have the perfect solution for you!

It All Begins with Empowered Guidance Consultation®

MasterPeace Consulting Group helps grow salons through the success practice of  Empowered Guidance® Consultation (EGC), and it is embodied in our software.

This consultation can be completed by the Client on the web, or in the salon in an interview with a stylist during the Client’s initial appointment. The consultation instrument becomes the single definitive record of a Client’s lifetime relationship with the salon.  With each update, it becomes an increasingly rich repository of data that gives the salon the ability to deepen and extend its relationship with the client.

Experience shows that when the Empowered Guidance® Consulting data becomes the backbone of a salon’s operations, and links with calendar, point-of-sale, inventory, and salon financials, salons become increasingly more successful and profitable.


Mobile and Secure

The Empowered Guidance® Consultation can be accessed by smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer, making it easy to use by all stylists, service providers, and employees. Client data is stored securely at Microsoft data centers and can only be accessed under security controls that are set by salon management. Management has the ability to completely customize which staff members can view data, and what data individual staff members can access.

Take the first step in becoming a Successful Salon!