Point of Sale – Additional Information

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Point of sale software that’s easy to use

Checking out should be simple — no manual required

  • Tap to add products

    Tap, search or scan products to add them to your customer’s cart.

  • Pick a payment type

    Choose cash, credit, mobile payment options, or use an external terminal.

  • Accept payment

    Swipe the customer’s card and accept signatures right on the iPad.

  • Print or email a receipt

    Send your customer a custom-designed receipt by email or print one wirelessly.

Plenty of ways to accept customer payments


Accept cash, credit, and more

Shopify’s POS software makes it easy to swipe credit cards and take cash. You can even create custom payment options to accept checks, IOUs, or payments made with an external device.


No merchant account needed

Your Shopify Payments account is set up in less than 5 minutes, letting you process your customers’ credit cards directly through Shopify – with no wait to be approved by a third-party payment solution.


Partial payments & split tenders

Our flexible checkout system lets you accept and record partial payments or deposits, as well as split tenders between two or more payment types.

Powerful tools to manage your business

All the features you need for modern retail


  • Order management
  • Track your cash float
  • Staff accounts
  • Business reporting