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Epson Thermal Receipt Printer

Item#: C31CB10021

Desc:  Epson TM-T20 ReadyPrint Thermal Receipt Printer, USB Interface with

DARK GRAY Case – Includes Power Supply and)

Cost:   $156.00 ea












 APG Cash Drawer

Item#:  VB320-BL1616_CD-005A

Desc:  APG Vasario VB320, Black  16.2”(W) x 16.3″(L) x 4.3”(H)

MultiPro I/F Painted Front Dual Media Color : Black

Cost:   $112.00


Honeywell Linear Imager Scanner

Item#:  1300G-2USB

Desc:  Honeywell Hyperion 1300G Hand-Held Linear Imager Scanner (USB HID

Keyboard Emulation) Color: Black w/stand

Cost:   $151.00



ELO 15” Touch Screen Monitor

Item#:  E210772

Desc:  Elo 1515L – 15″ Touch Screen Monitor – AccuTouch, GRAY

           Includes cables for both Serial/RS232 and USB touch connection.

Touch Technology: AccuTouch (5-Wire Resistive)

Cost:  $414.00


Epson Thermal Receipt Printer

Item#:  C31CA85084

Desc:  Epson TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer, Energy Star Qualified, Dual USB + SERIAL

Interfaces with DARK GRAY Case – Includes Power Supply and Cable

Cost:   $280.00


APG Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

Item#:  JB320-BL1820-C_CD-005A

Desc:  APG Series 4000 JB320, Black  18.8”(W) x 20″(L) x 4.2”(H)

Painted Front Dual Media MultiPro I/F Coin Roll Storage Color : Black

Cost:  $185.00


Honeywell Area Imager

Item#:  1900GSR-2USB

Desc:  Honeywell Xenon 1900 1D/2D Hand Held Standard Range Area Imager,

Quick Start Guide, USB Cable, Color: BLACK  w/stand

Cost:   $337.00


ELO 18.5” Touch Screen Monitor

Item#:  E760102

Desc:  Elo 1919L 18.5″ Widescreen LCD – AccuTouch / Resistive (Raised

bezel) w/Speakers, Dual USB / Serial, DARK GRAY

Cost:   $569

All in One Salon Solution Including Computer


All-In-One touch computer. Due to the supply / demand along with the changing OS for the All-In-One computers availability and model numbers change.


ELO All-In-One 15”

Item#:  E719553

Desc:  Elo 15B3 (Rev B) 15 Inch LCD Touch Computer, ACCUTOUCH “NO BEZEL”,

Windows 7 Pro SP1 (64-Bit) Intel i3-3220 Processer 320-GB HD 2GB RAM, Dark Gray o Touch Technology: AccuTouch (Resistive) o Optional Accessories are field-installed by end user, not pre-installed at factory o PORTS: 6 x standard USB 2.0, 2 X RS232 (SERIAL), 1 Ethernet

Cost:  $1,428.00



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