Empowered Guidance® for the Salon


Our purpose is to help salon owners achieve true happiness through the creation and growth of successful businesses. Because a successful business is a pleasure to own and operate, our clients learn that success means mixing pleasure with business.

About Us

With a growing number of clients spanning several industries, MasterPeace Consulting is gaining its place as a top consulting firm that helps small business owners learn and live the pleasure of operating a successful business. Doing so requires attention across all business functions. Creating an environment conducive to sustained revenue and profit growth without demanding an owner’s hands-on, physical presence, every hour of every day, is indeed an entrepreneurial masterpiece. Using Empowered Guidance® to help with the demands of owning and running a successful business is the key to happiness and peace in life.  This is what MasterPeace Consulting is all about. It’s not just our name – it’s our mission!

Company Address:
311 Barrow St, Houma, LA 70360

Our Founder

Lynn Glaze developed a passion for the beauty industry at a very young age. Her dedication to help others, passion for the craft, and eye for detail was all the driving force she needed to create MasterPeace live®. Utilizing her own experience as a stylist turned business owner, Lynn helps other salon owners and stylists learn and implement techniques for increasing revenue and profit themselves.

Genuine happiness is in large measure a result of setting and achieving worthwhile goals. The underlying principles behind Lynn are common to all successful small business owners: a burning desire to achieve, and a genuine concern for the well-being of others. MasterPeace live® is her passion, happiness is her mission. Lynn has an immense place in her heart for the beauty industry in its entirety. She has truly experienced first-hand all aspects of the professional beauty industry. Whether Lynn is working behind the scenes in other businesses or working behind a chair in her salon, she is known as a successful business coach.

Lynn brings a wealth of training, experience, and credentials to bear on consultation for her clients:

  • Owner of The Salon Pineville
  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Cosmetology Instructor
  • Licensed Barber
  • National Educator
  • Platform Artist
  • Artistic Director
  • Regional Color Coordinator for John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS)
  • State Board Member
  • National Interstate Council (NIC) Member
  • President and Founder of Louisiana Association of Professional Salons (LAPS)
  • State Captain Professional Beauty Association (PBA)
  • Founder of MasterPeace Consulting (MPC) Group