See what sets MasterPeace live® apart from the rest.


The MasterPeace live® Scoreboard gives employees:
-hands-on access to manage appointments
-updates on tasks needed in the salon/spa
-access to complete and review client consultations
-ability to track goals


MasterPeace live® offers multiple ways to collect data!

-Easy to read reports that track sales, employees, commission, VFA, and more!
-Inventory reports that help make purchase orders and keep counts!
-Tables that can filter and export data for any date, client, product, and more!


With Empowered Guidance® each visit the salon adds to its collection of data about that client, strengthening the connection and giving the salon the ability to schedule future appointments and make product and service recommendations tailored to the specific client’s needs. At the end of each Empowered Guidance® consultation, product recommendations are displayed based off of clients’ answers.
The service provider sells what is needed. The client is happy and informed. The salon is profitable and growing.


MasterPeace live® can be accessed by smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer, so it is easy to use for any and all salon employees.
Client data is secured based on rules provided by the salon owner.  Your employees see only the data you want them to see.