Where did your clients go?

Where did they go?

Retention is such an important word in the hair and beauty business. “You don’t necessarily become the best most successful and well paid hairdresser by doing the best haircuts. No, you become the best and most successful hairdresser by doing the most haircuts” And for that to happen you need to keep the clients you have coming back. ‘That’s client retention’.

As consumers it is worthwhile reflecting on the fact that most of us change whom we are doing business with because of the process of doing business and not the end result. Let me explain.


I am always sceptical about quoting statistics and the validity of them. But I also always say to myself, “But what if it is true, what if the statistics that are being quoted are correct?” So on that basis of not being able to confirm the validity or source, I want to share these statistics with you.

As consumers the reasons we chop and change who we do business with are as follows:

5% of the time we change because it is no longer convenient, For example, if we were talking about clients changing salons, statistically they change because they have moved house or job so it’s no longer convenient to go back to that salon.

Then, 15% of the time we change because we are not happy with the quality of the product or service. So in a hairdressing context 15% no longer come back because they didn’t like the cut or colour.

Then 15% of the time we change because of price. So, the client has decided that they can get the same product or service else where at a lower price.

Then, 17% of the time we change for no reason at all, in other words there is no loyalty, the client views the haircut or colour as a commodity and they can get it anywhere.

But the overwhelming reason, 48% of the time the reason we change is because of a poor or indifferent experience….

The Experience

In a salon context what was that bad experience? Was it being kept waiting? Was it someone else’s lipstick on the coffee cup? Or was it being sat down at a workstation that hadn’t been cleaned? Or having appointments constantly changed, or hair down the back of your neck? Or did you feel that you weren’t being listened to but were being taken for granted? Or maybe it was always being put on hold when you call up? Or a colour stain on your collar? … the list could go on but an overwhelming percentage of consumers change based on a poor or indifferent experience.


Sit down with your team and draft up a list of bullet points that cover every aspect of a client’s journey when dealing with your salon. From when they first step inside the door, until they leave with their new haircut and colour.

Cover every point from how the phone is answered, how clients are greeted, how the consultations are to be done, how refreshments are offered and presented. How clients are gowned up, the shampoo procedure etc

Discuss define and document what “best practice” procedure is for every point you have written down, train everyone in how to achieve the desired standards, implement and as the manager follow-through to make sure that it’s being done by everyone every time.

If 48% of people change who they do business with because of a poor or indifferent service experience, that’s where your attention needs to be!

Thanks for watching.

Good luck!

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