Will you choose to bounce back?

I meet many salon owners all over the world, some are doing really well. Some are pretending to do well… and some, to use boxing terminology, are ‘on the ropes’

Life isn’t static. Being in business, ‘sure as hell’ isn’t static. It’s full of many twists and turns, every decision, setback or victory is part of a bigger picture.

Sometimes events or people will take you completely by surprise and ‘knock you off your feet’. And sometimes things just simply don’t go as planned.

It’s in those moments that you ask yourself the big questions. Questions like, “What do I do now?” “How can I bounce back from this?” “Do I even want to bounce back from this?” “Have I got it in me for one last spin on the merry go round?”

It’s easy to say, “Dust yourself off and get back in there, better and wiser for the experience and go at it again”. And without doubt sometimes that is exactly what you have to do. Because sometimes it’s just another test as to how bad do you really want it, whatever ‘it’ is. Remember, ‘the more important the goal, the more resistance there is towards its achievement’.

It’s like watching a Rocky movie where the good guy gets back in there battered and bruised, but eventually comes out victorious. Sometimes being in business is like that. And sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes when you ask those questions of yourself, “How can I bounce back from this?” And “Do I even want to bounce back from this?” Sometimes the answer is, “I’m done!”

But that doesn’t mean you have failed, it doesn’t mean you lost. It just means that this is where you want to get off the ride. Maybe you don’t have the energy or enthusiasm or desire to do it again.

Maybe there is another game you want to play. Maybe you need a fresh challenge, new mountains to climb. Sometimes knowing when to change direction is winning in itself.

Either way, whatever your decision, it takes courage. There are no guarantees, I suppose that’s what courage is.

There is a great sentence in Oprah Winfreys book that says, “The true meaning of courage is to be afraid – and then with your knees knocking and your heart racing, take the leap anyway. Ready. Set. Go!” I love that.

So whatever the challenges are that you face in business today. Remember these words…”With your knees knocking and your heart racing , take the leap anyway!”

Good luck.

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week!

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