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Angela Gaudet grew up in Kenner, Louisiana. She has been happily married for 24 years and is the mother of two amazing boys. In 2002 she received her Cosmetology license from John Jay Beauty College. It was then she realized she had a passion for the beauty industry. “I have always been driven by the desire to help others, so after feeling called to be a hairdresser, I soon learned this was the perfect way to make people feel beautiful inside and out. It was also a way of connecting with them emotionally”.  After four years of working in other salons, she craved to create her own salon environment. She had an incredible opportunity to open her own business. In 2006 she opened Serenity Hair Salon and became a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon. In 2007 she was able to purchase the building she was currently occupying in Norco, Louisiana.

Her goal was to create a salon environment like no other in the area. A place that operates with a team mentality, where the doors of communication were always open.  A salon that stayed educated and current in the industry which kept the focus on the guest and their experience.  After teaming up with Lynn Glaze and her MasterPeace Empowered Guidance system in 2011, it became a reality.  In the past three years Serenity has grown. We have expanded our salon services and now offer professional makeup application and massage therapy. We have recently purchased a computer system and are in the process of installing MasterPeace Live which will move us into a more current technologically direction to achieve continued business success.

Angela’s accomplishments include:

-Licensed Cosmetologist   -12 Years in the Salon Industry   -Owner /Operator of Serenity Hair Salon for 7 Years   -Writer and Recipient of Two Grants from the Norco Economic Development Fund   -Growing New Stylist by Using the MasterPeace Empowered Guidance System   -MasterPeace Consultant

Her joy and love for this industry comes from the way you help people. Whether it be a salon guest or an up and coming stylist, she is passionate in the way you can impact people’s lives.

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  • Lynn says:

    Angie you are the true professional and your dedication shines each and every day!! I’m proud to have you as part of my team!!

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